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About Our Church

Welcome to Holy Union Christian Church. Our ministry focuses on Jesus Christ and his instruction to the church, “to go into the world and make disciples.”  Therefore our church is devoted to fulfilling this commandment in all aspects of our ministry. We are also committed to exemplify the love of Jesus Christ. These foundational principals are evident in our community and outreach programs.  

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Meet our pastor and

First Lady

Bishop Bobby Ray Simmons and

Rev. Karen Simmons have served over thirty years in the ministry. Their hard work and dedication to God's calling has empowered them to serve a multitude of people in the Atlanta and Metro-Atlanta area. 


On June 23, 1999, the Reverend Bobby Ray Simmons, Sr. then, a Elder in the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church (CME), incorporated a new ministry in the State of Georgia as a non-profit organization called: Holy Union Christian Church (HUCC). For the next three years, Simmons prayed to God for the opportunity and permission to gracefully withdraw from the CME Church and to continue the Lord’s work in a new venue.


On June 2, 2002, Holy Union Christian Church held its first official public service at 2030 Beaupree Street Atlanta (the respective home of the late Mrs. Othella Hill: the First Lady’s mother), during the 11:00 am hour. There were nine worshippers attending: the Reverend Bobby Ray Simmons, Sr. (Pastor), Mrs. Karen Hill Simmons (First Lady), Mr. Jamaal Simmons (son), Bobby Simmons, Jr, (son), Miss Arielle Simmons (daughter) Mr. James and Kizzy Cooper, Jaelon Cooper (son), and the Reverend Berneva Crowe. 


The sermon of the service was entitled: “The Creative Method” with text taken from Genesis 1:1-5 and read by Pastor Simmons in the Hebrew language. Wherein, he instructed the Church by faith, to speak ‘things’ in to being. The first offering totaled: $139.69, which included a $100.00 donation given by Dr. Maria Hill Fondal the Saturday prior. While not having a formal podium, he preached and officiated from a ‘red-top’ bar stool until the first Family and Friends Day held on the second Sunday in November. 


Shortly after, Mrs. Dianne Simmons Watson (the Pastor’s sister) and family joined the ministry, and aspired to form a Church choir. She was elected as the first choir director, and soon organized a Gospel choir with

new members as followed: Karen Simmons, Kizzy Cooper, Jennifer Jones, Janet Simmons, Emma Jackson, and Arielle Simmons (Pianist) and Pastor Simmons. The Watson family made the first donation of 10 African American hymnals for worship.


During the first year of the ministry, many unique ideas were explored to fund the mission. From Saturday fish fries, to volunteer work at Parisian and Kohl’s, and Atlanta Braves Stadium. Pastor Simmons also remitted his proceeds for his book sales: Five Steps to Salvation: a guide to Christianity.  Additionally, members from various Churches once pastored by Simmons, sent offerings in the early goings. In mid-2006, Ms. Laura Berman of Buckhead vowed to contribute her tithing to Holy Union. This blessing came as spiritual uplift to our congregation.


Soon, HUCC began to fellowship with Jesus Gospel Tabernacle, of Tucker Georgia, under the leadership of pastor Barry Z. Carter and New Covenant Community Church, of Spartanburg S.C., under the leadership of

pastor Wayne Anderson.


As we continued to grow, many faithful members were added: Matthew Simmons, Edwin Williams, Sherry Joyner, Gloria Jackson, Crystal Jones, Merita Jackson, and recently the Hernandez family - Guadeloupe, Yolanda and children: Monique, Daniel, Jhana, Iasyia, and Thalia. Additions by birth 

are: Jaedan Cooper, Fantasia Watson, Martavious Jackson, and Jordan Jones.


Then, on Sunday, August 8, 2008 fire engulfed the Church at Beaupree, forcing the Church’s departure. After a month of improvising, an invitation was offered for the Church to hold service in the fellowship hall at 1642 Jonesboro Road, home of the International Order of Masons.


On May 3, 2008, Judy Youngblood was the first ordained clergy. On July 24, 2016 Karen and Arielle Simmons were ordained clergy. On the same date, Dwayne Jones and Matthew Simmons were ordained deacons.


Over these fifteen years, we have witnessed the awesome staying hand of God; experienced and benefited from His marvelous acts at home, work, and community.

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